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  • Japan’s Ministry of Health Distributes Free Sailor Moon Condoms

    Japan's Ministry of Health, labour, and welfare is partnering with Naoko Takeuchi, the author behind Sailor Moon, to make Sailor Moon theme condoms to hand out to the public for free during STI Prevention Events that will be held this month. The first one was already held yesterday at the capital Fukuoka, and a second event is going to be held on the 15th at the capital of Hiroshima. You can see what the condom package looks like here: Earlier in the year I learn of animal theme condoms that were being use to spread awareness of endanger species, and now this. I wonder if the condoms themselves are pink in color, and.or feature either Sailor Moon, or the symbols of the series, like the crescent moon.

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  • Need KR Translator/s for Troll Trap

    You can message me here or on Discord (YoroShie). I guess you know the way ^°^

  • Sorting by my ratings?

    on the bright side it is on the planned features list

  • Looking for a JP translator for a certain yuri series.

    All our JP translators have their hands full, hence we are looking for a new one to help us out. No experience needed! Please DM me on discord: @FrostBird#4135 Thanks!

  • Left and right arrow keys seem to have inverted?

    you lost me I have no idea what scrolling has to do with not being able to find the reader menu as it more of a visual thing (arrow at the far right of the screen) anyways if you're somehow stuck in the stone age and are unable to scroll around the page to click on said arrow the hotkey for the menu is t.

  • Side-scrolling Webtoons?

    This might have to go into the "Suggestions" section of the forum, instead, but I thought I'd ask here first in case it already exists. I've had my eye on a really interesting webtoon that I'd like to translate, but it's supposed to read on the phone while held in landscape mode. Because it scrolls sideways, panels have a fixed height, but no fixed width, which would make it tricky to read on mangadex. I was just wondering if the reader already had a side-scrolling reading option like we do with the long-scrolling. ;w;

  • Add site-wide option to allow moderated comment posts to be unhidden like a spoiler

    Oh did cha mean like you can see it without messing around the settings? I'm against that, the moderated comment is hidden quite well for a reason you know. Making it appear like that spoiler function will just.. what's the word.. making it easier to trigger people(?). Like I'm imagining people show up in the comment section reading it, and stumble upon a moderated comment and be like.. "Oh! What's this? A moderated comment?! And it's only one click away for appearing! I should click it as I am curious individual!" And then after clicking be like... "Son of b****! I should "@" that person who got moderated and let them know my thoughts! Shame on you!"

  • Left and right arrow keys seem to have inverted?

    fyi, the 'ungodly' reason is because of vi x) in a time before mice/touchpads/other pointing devices, the keyboard was the only way to navigate. moving the hand away from the home-row keys to the arrow keys (if the keyboard even had them) was annoying, so 'h j k l' became a thing for navigating left/down/up/right.

  • Left and right arrow keys seem to have inverted?

    lol no worries it happens to the best of us.

  • Left and right arrow keys seem to have inverted?

    I'm dumb, I had no idea those were clickable buttons, or that they were hotkeys, I thought it just showed what way the manga was read. I imagine I fatfingered 'h' at some point and never realized. Thanks for the help, and apologies for the pointless thread.

  • Left and right arrow keys seem to have inverted?

    check the setting on the reader you might have yours right to left instead of left to right if you don't know how to access them for some ungodly reason the hotkey is h.

  • Maou-sama no Machizukuri! ~Saikyou no Dungeon wa Kindai Toshi~

    "Man, I want my wasted time back." sounds like a cliche from a story about making manga. I never knew someone could make a comment that fits so perfectly with a cliche story telling element that causes the protagonist (Author) to realize people's opinion online doesn't matter, or some other lesson from it.

  • Ishuzoku Reviewers

    Actually it's missing up to chapter 22.

  • Kimi ga Kirai na Koi no Hanashi

    Come to this just to check on this author early work. And really really disappointed with this, "My whole life being a alarm clock is good enough" This is not wholesome, this is propaganda toxic relationship. But it is good as a shoujo story ? i guess... It basically you usual fulfill fantasy drive with their: "I know he is not because she know he best" while in relationship every sane person would think otherwise. There is no development for grow to be better, thing just magically get solved by male MC have a chance to be cool, so cool all background characters just only can speechless. Well, no one born and great at beginning, that student-teacher work from this author fit better my taste.

  • After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy

    After reading a good chunk the novel and then reading this... I have to say I'm disappointed that it feels like the Manga is butchering the plot by a lot. It's like it skips over parts it should go into more for more context and doesn't feel like there's a lot of build up either so some parts that should draw concern don't do it very well. Manga kinda feels like it rushes through the plot and suffers for it. That's how I feel. I'd like to see another story with this concept though. I like it for that.

  • Kawaii Joushi wo Komarasetai

    Wow. i forgot about it. Its been 7 months already, wow! Whats happened? Axed or just dropped by translator?

  • What Kind of Empress Is This?

    thank you so much for your hard work in translating! i'm surprised with how much i'm enjoying this series! (:

  • Beatrice

    Oh my god an update! Thank you so very much!

  • Colette wa Shinu Koto ni Shita

    Awww god what a cute update

  • Her Summon

    Caught up at chapter 69. Series is still good and consistent so far for me.

  • My Girlfriend is a Real Man

    Thank you for the translation Also dang i love jieun for being so damn understanding and mature

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